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Beginner’s Guide to Operate Air to Water Heat Pumps

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In recent years, the air source heat pump market has continuously been developing at a fast speed, but many non-standard operations result in a shortened service life, increased machine failure rate and other phenomena. What should be paid attention to when you are using an air to water heat pump house heating system? You must know these eight common asked questions and their respective answers.

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Where to install the air water heat pump unit?

Air source heat pump continuously absorbs the heat from low-temperature source to the heated water so that the water reaches the predetermined temperature. The higher the ambient temperature, the better the heating effect and lower energy consumption. Therefore, the heat pump unit must be installed in a sunny and well ventilated place as far as possible. Generally speaking, the distance of at least 80cm around the unit should be kept. If there is debris blocking in front, it will affect the discharge of cold air, resulting in insufficient heat in the air and affecting the heat exchange. Therefore, it is better to have no obstacles within 2 meters in front of the fan.


How to operate the air source heat pump house heating system for the first time?

After the air source heat pump unit is started, the heating temperature should not be set too high at the beginning so that the wall will not dry up or crack if the temperature rises slowly. If the temperature is set higher, firstly, it is not conducive to the evaporation of water vapor in the wall; secondly, the heat will consume more energy due to the heat transfer between the houses; thirdly, no matter how high the water temperature is, it will not help but just shorten the heating time, and the room temperature will still not go up. After a week's use at a lower temperature, the temperature can be raised properly.


How to identify the heat preservation condition of the house?

For example, the indoor temperature is 18, and a thermometer is fixed indoors. Turn off the air to water heat pump floor heating system for 12 hours, and the thermometer will decrease by 1-2 during the day and 4-5 at night, indicating that the heat preservation is good. Otherwise, it is a place with air leakage, which needs to be checked carefully.


Apply antifreeze to the air source house heating system?    

A certain amount of antifreeze can be applied to the floor heating system of air to water heat pump, and the engineers can add the corresponding proportion of antifreeze according to the floor heating area; for the users who do not add antifreeze, the anti freezing work of the unit in winter can be completed according to the next point below. In order to reduce the operating cost of air source heat pump floor heating, low-temperature heating can be adopted when you are leaving home in the daytime, and the temperature can be increased timely after you return home.


What to do when the house heating of air source heat pump is switched off?

In winter, when the temperature is lower than 0, the heat pump unit might freeze up. If you are not at home for a short time (3-5 days), the unit can be shut down, but the power should not be cut off. Nowadays, most air source heat pumps have the function of self anti-freezing, and the automatic shutdown can achieve the function of anti-freezing. When there is no one at home for a long time, the water in the air source heat pump floor heating system can be drained completely. Before this operation, please fully consider other indoor pipelines and deal with the drainage problem in time. When it is not used for a long time in summer, it is necessary to cut off the power supply after the system is drained.


How to drain water when the filter screen is cleaned?

Water Discharging Method: close the cold water inlet valve, open the water filling valve, open the sanitary hot water tap, and then the heating water can be discharged. Reverse operation can help refill the water to the system.


Why doesn't the house heating temperature of air source heat pump go up?

1)         The heat dissipation of radiators is not enough, which is prone to occur in houses with radiator replacement. They change the radiators from large to small, as a result of which the heat emitted by the radiators is not enough to make up for the heat loss of the rooms.

2)         The room is not dry. Because the wall is wet, the moisture content needs to be vaporized to absorb a lot of heat, so the room temperature is hard to go up.

3)         The unit is frequently shut down and turned on. When the room temperature is not balanced, the system is switched off, and the heat emitted in the early stage is also absorbed by the outside environment due to the heat transfer between the houses, so it can not reach the required temperature all the time.


Understand the right way to save energy

Generally speaking, most users use the air source heat pump when the temperature is low at night, and the unit may be turned off when not in use during the day. This is actually very dangerous, because the heat generated by the air source heat pump unit is carried out by water. If the power is cut off when it is used in a low temperature environment, the unit is likely to be damaged by freezing. The correct way is to set the temperature of the unit to the minimum when it is not required to work, so that the heat pump can ensure its ant-freezing function, which will effectively solve the problem of freezing and energy waste.


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