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Benefits of Underfloor Heating with an Air Source Heat Pump

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In our daily life, heating in winter is a very important matter. A lot of people like to install floor heating to solve their heating problems. Floor heating is divided into many types. There is an eco-friendly way of floor heating which is quite popular now, that is, air source heat pump underfloor heating, which achieves the heating effect through the air we breathe everyday.

Air source underfloor heating, also known as heat pump floor heating, refers to the use of low-grade heat energy in the air converted into high-temperature heat energy by a compressor. The water temperature is heated to no more than 60℃ (the general water temperature is 35-50℃). And then the hot water circulates in the special pipelines as a heat medium, heating the floor through radiation and convective heat transfer. The heat in the air is transported to indoors for house heating, which saves 200% of the electricity compared with electric heating. It is 100% safe and supplies all-weather heating for 24 hours.

Underfloor Heating


Air source heat pump floor heating provides heat energy from the feet, so that the temperature of the entire indoor space is evenly distributed. You will not feel the hot-blast air, so it is good for the body to maintain moisture. Morever, underfloor heating has a positive effect on rheumatism and asthma.

Air Source Heat Pump

Energy Saving

Air source floor heaters adapt to 35-50℃ (convective radiators need 85℃). Heat energy is spread under the beneficiary height of the human body (less than 2 meters), which saves 75% energy than traditional heating methods.

Space Saving 

Underfloor heating with an air source heat pump requires pipelines installed under the floor, which saves space and matches different home decoration styles.

Heat Pump Floor Heating

Strong Thermal Storage Capacity

Air source underfloor heating is of good thermal stability, because the floor and concrete layers have strong thermal storage capacity. There is small heat energy loss during transmission, which effectively ensures the stability of indoor temperature. For the first time when air source underfloor heating is used, indoor preheating usually takes longer. So, please close the doors and windows and wait patiently.

Long Service Life

The pipes used in air source floor heating systems are buried underground, without scaling, corrosion, and man-made destruction. Their service life is synchronized with that of buildings. Compared with traditional central air conditioners and radiators, underfloor heating with an air source heat pump saves the cost of maintenance and replacement.

Above are the basic introduction and advantages of air source heat pump floor heating. In our daily life heating, it is very necessary to choose a suitable heating equipment with good heating effects and environmental protection. So if you want to install a house heating system in the future, underfloor heating with an air source heat pump can be a good choice for you.

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