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Factors Influencing Energy Costs of Air to Water Heat Pumps

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Air to water heat pump keeps your house cool in summer and warm in winter. But when facing the increased consumption of electricity and running water, you might feel really distressed. Therefore, many people reflect that air source heat pump is energy-consuming, not so energy-saving as advertised. In fact, it is the case. There are many factors influencing the power consumption of a heat pump. Let's go through the following details.


Floor Area of a Building

The power consumption of heating is also related to the size of the housing area. The larger the house area is, the higher power required by the heat pump unit, and thus the more energy is consumed.


Quality of Air Source Heat Pump

Heat pump brands and products can be found everywhere in the market, including those with low quality. In addition, all of the factors such as whether the product design is reasonable or not, material quality and installation skills affect the use of heat pump units, so we must pay attention to the heat pump selection.



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Proper Selection of Heat Pump Units

This is the matter that should be paid attention to when selecting the unit at the beginning. It is necessary to select the appropriate equipment model. Do not let a large capacity heat pump to heat a small room, or a small unit to work for a long time under bad conditions, all of which will increase the power consumption.


Heat Preservation of the House

If the thermal insulation effect of the house is poor, it will also increase the power consumption. The heat preservation is directly related to the structure, doors and windows, walls and floor height of the building.


Reasonable System Design

The air source heat pump system includes the heat pump unit and the terminal system. The terminal system might be a radiator, a fan coil or a floor heating system, so the energy consumption could be very different. The requirements of the terminal on the water temperature are different, and the required heating capacity is also different. Generally speaking, floor heating requires low water temperature, followed by fan coil, while radiator requires higher water temperature, especially traditional cast iron radiator.


Size of Water Pump

The consumption of water pump also accounts for a large proportion. When choosing a water pump, many customers will habitually choose a larger model. If the water pump is small and the water cannot reach the far end, the indoor temperature will be uneven and the comfort will be reduced. However, we need to know that if the water pump is large, the room temperature will be uniform, but the energy consumption will increase. As for how to choose between them, a balanced choice is needed.


Installation Location of the Unit

The installation position of the unit also needs to be considered. When the heat pump is installed, do not place it close to the wall, and maintain a proper heat dissipation distance, which is conducive to cleaning the heat exchanger of the outdoor unit and ensuring the normal air inlet and exhaust.


Temperature Setting

What you need to know is that for every 1 Celsius degree increase in room temperature, energy consumption will increase by 10%. Therefore, users want to save more electricity and adjust the water temperature a little higher to meet the temperature demand.


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