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Guide to Installing Air Source Heat Pumps for Under Floor Heating

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There are two major advantages with air source heat pump (ASHP): energy saving and comfortableness. It is the equipment that many families will choose. Air source heat pump can provide house heating/cooling, as well as domestic hot water. Speaking of the advantages of air water heat pump floor heating, many friends who want to install the floor heating system will want to know the pre-installation process first. Now we will introduce to you the installation steps and process of under floor heating with air source heat pump.


First, we will simply explain to you that the preparation work before the installation of air source floor heating includes the measurement of the whole house and the heating/cooling project scheme that needs to be determined. After that, the construction team will install the heat pump system  based on related design drawings.

Air Source Floor Heating Pump

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Installation Step 1: Paving the Ground

Paving the ground is the first and key step for the installation of the air source under floor heating system. Before paving the floor, it is necessary to clear the rubbish to ensure that the ground is clean and smooth. In addition, the ground horizontal level can be measured by professional equipment. For concave-convex or sharp cases, it is necessary to deal with and remove them in time.


Installation Step 2: Laying Thermal Insulation Layer

You should install a moisture-proof layer generally before laying the thermal insulation layer. When laying the insulation layer, you should pay attention to the neatness of the cutting edge, which needs to be sewn up later on. In addition, the height difference of the insulation board should not exceed 5MM, and the gap should neither exceed 5MM.


Installation Step 3: Laying Reflective Coating

Next is the laying of reflective coating. Attention should be paid to flat and tight covering. There should be no leakage issue that occurs to the insulation board or to the floor.


Installation Step 4: Laying Floor Heating Pipes

The house heating system of air source heat pump provides heating by conveying hot water to each room through heating pipes. Therefore, the quality of heating pipes is significantly important. Generally the under floor heating system applies PP-R or aluminum-plastic pipes. The pipes are laid strictly following the design drawings to ensure that the installation is in good order. In addition, after the completion of the heating pipes, it is necessary to conduct a water pressure test to check whether there is leakage or pressure value.


Installation Step 5: Installing Temperature Control Wire

Cut a groove in the place where the water collector is installed and bury the temperature control wire around the water collector for connection.


Installation Step 6: Backfilling and Leveling the Ground

After completing the above steps, concrete backfilling can be arranged. Also pay attention to maintaining the level and height of the whole house. Fine stones should be added to backfill, and all of them should be compacted by manual plastering. Doorway, aisle, floor drain and other places must be well marked to prevent future damage to the heating pipelines.


Installing the air source heat pump floor heating system is a complex work. There are many details that should be paid attention to regarding the paving process, so users must find a standard installation team to do the work. After the construction of floor heating, it will go to the check-and-accept procedure.

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