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How Do Air Source Heat Pump Water Heaters Work

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Air source heat pump water heater is a new generation of hot water production device after boiler, gas water heater, electric water heater and solar water heater. Today's energy supply is becoming increasingly competitive. Air heat pump water heater units with their high efficiency, energy saving, environmental protection, safety and many other advantages are rapidly promoted in the market.


Technical Principle

The principle of the air source heat pump (ASHP) water heater is to drive the compressor to run with a small amount of electric power, absorb a large amount of free heat from the air, and then release the absorbed heat energy to the cold water to produce domestic or commercial hot water. The hot water is stored in the heat preservation water tank to provide users with daily hot water.


Heat pump water heater can be divided into two categories: split type and monobloc type. A monobloc is a ‘single block’ system, where the heat pump has all of its components (apart from the hot water water which is installed in the home) inside a heat pump unit outside the home. A split heat pump unit, however, has both an outdoor unit, which consists of the heat exchanger and refrigerant, and an indoor unit, which is placed inside the house. Most households are ideal for a monobloc air to water heat pump.

how do air source heat pump water heaters work


Basic Specifications

Heating capacity of heat pump: refers to the heat provided by heat pump to water tank in unit time when the air source heat pump water heater is running. The greater the heating capacity, the faster the heating speed of the water tank, and the shorter the waiting time for hot water.


Water flow (heating rate): the unit is L/h, indicating the water volume that can be heated in one hour. Under standard conditions, the outdoor temperature is 20, and the water temperature is heated from 15 to 55.


Outlet water temperature: refers to the temperature of outlet hot water. The higher the outlet temperature, the greater the amount of water can be mixed. The maximum outlet water temperature of ordinary heat pump is 55.



  • More Energy Saving

Under the same conditions, based on the electricity consumption of electric water heater, the power consumption of air source water heater only accounts for 23.66% of that of traditional electric water heater at 20 in spring, 21.78% in summer at 32 and 46.38% at - 7 in winter. As a new energy equipment, air to water heat pump has obvious energy saving effects.


  • More Secure

Air source heat pump water heater is driven by a small amount of electricity, without harmful gas combustion and emission. Water and electricity are completely separated, ensuring great safety. The electric water heater has the possibility of electric leakage, and the gas water heater may also produce CO risk due to incomplete combustion of natural gas. Solar water heater should be used away from thunderstorm weather. Therefore, relatively speaking, ASHP water heater is safer to use.


  • More Comfortable to Use.

The water volume supplied by ASHP is sufficient to meet the needs of many people using water at the same time, and the operation of bathing and washing vegetables does not interfere with each other. The unit produces water quickly and has large water supply capacity, and has strong ability of timely replenishing water. The temperature of gas water heater has sudden cold and hot conditions. Combined with constant temperature water tank, the water temperature of ASHP is constant; other water heaters are generally single point water supply (only for shower), while air to water heat pump is generally multiple point water supply (shower, lavatory, kitchen, etc.).

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