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How to Fix a Noisy Air Source Hot Water Heat Pump

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Noise has always been the concern of users when purchasing an air source hot water heat pump. This article will discuss the causes and solutions of noise produced by air source heat pump (ASHP).

Before going deep into this topic, first of all, you have to be aware that some countries have clear regulations on the noise value of heat pump water heaters: for example, based on some general requirement, the noise of ASHP shall not exceed 55 decibels. Professional ASHP suppliers shall usually carry out strict performance tests before the equipment leaves the factory so as to ensure that the noise value of air source hot water heat pump is controlled within a standard level, without affecting the normal life of consumers.

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If your ASHP is noisy, it may be caused by one of the following situations:

Case 1: Improper Installation

ASHP units need to be installed on the horizontal and stable ground, and there should be no ups and downs. If the outdoor unit is not placed horizontally, it may lead to the collision between the working medium copper pipe and the shell during operation, resulting in resonance, or the collision of the fans, resulting in severe vibration. In addition, unscientific and unreasonable installation will also affect the service life of the whole unit, resulting in high failure rate.

Solution: Adjusting the Installation Position

The installation problem is relatively easy to solve, as long as the bracket is properly adjusted to make the unit tend to be in a balanced and stable state, and to ensure that the shell and the copper tube are separated. Experienced heat pump installers can easily solve such problems during the initial installation.

Case 2: Compressor Failure

The "buzzing" sound on the outdoor unit of ASHP water heater may be caused by the failure of the compressor. For example, mixing of a small amount of air due to improper internal exhaust, insufficient compressed oil, foreign matters sneaking into the compressor, etc. - all these will lead to compressor imbalance and buzzing noise. Compressor failure will not only produce noise, but also lead to the water heater unable to operate normally, affecting consumer's normal use of water.


Solution: Vacuum and Add Refrigerant

If it is found that there is a "buzzing" noise from the compressor, please contact the after-sales support as soon as possible, use the vacuum pump to exhaust the air inside the compressor, check whether there is any foreign matter inside the compressor, and then add the refrigerant and compressor oil again. In addition, when connecting the screws, they must be installed and locked properly to prevent the compressor from air leakage and oil leakage again.

Case 3: Insufficient Noise Reduction Measures

Under the normal operation, the noise mainly comes from compressor motor and fan blades. For the noise treatment, manufacturer will generally reduce the noise during the product design and assembly process. For example, air duct is designed in a soft way, the air flow is smooth and equipped with silencing equipment, etc. However, it is inevitable that some air source heat pumps will produce a loud noise during the operation because of insufficient noise reduction measures.


Solution: Install the Unit Outdoors with Silencing Cloth

If the product itself is relatively noisy, try to install the air source heat pump unit outdoors, and ask professional maintenance personnel to add a cloth for the compressor.


It is a relaxing thing to take a bath. However, noise does not only destroy the bathing atmosphere, but may also reflect some hidden trouble of the air source heat pump water heater unit. If you have noise problems with your hot water heat pump, you must contact the after-sales support in time for inspection and maintenance. Of course, the most important thing is to choose a leading brand with good industry reputation from the very beginning.

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