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How to Select an Air Source Heat Pump for House Heating?

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As a kind of energy-saving product, air source heat pumps have many problems confusing consumers, such as price, operating cost, selection, etc. A lot of homeowners, after serious considerations, decide to choose air to water heat pumps for house heating. The first question they face is "which heat pump model should I choose for heating my home?"

The selection of an air source heat pump (ASHP) is the same as the selection of a clothing size. It is necessary to "fit" the matching. If there is a "calf pulling cart" situation, the indoor heating temperature in winter will be insufficient, which will not meet the heating requirements. Of course, there may also be a "overqualified" situation, which is equivalent to the increase of operation cost and economic waste.

house heating dc inverter heat pump

Size of Heating Area

Different areas of residential heating will require different specifications of heat pump units. Therefore, in order to ensure a good heating effect and avoid energy waste, the heating area must be given priority to select the right heat pump model according to the specific situation.

Heating Solutions

Because air source heat pump belongs to a kind of equipment providing hot water, house heating and cooling, it can be used with a variety of heating solutions. However, radiators, floor heaters and hot water pipes have different water temperature requirements. Only when the heating solution is determined, the selection of a heat pump unit can be more accurate.

Thermal Insulation

The same model of an air source heat pump unit, if installed in different houses, will have obvious different power consumptions, which is likely to happen due to the differences in thermal insulation. The thickness of the wall, the insulation of the roof, whether the glass doors and windows are of double-layer design, and the height of the interior will affect the thermal insulation of the building, which needs to be taken into account.

Generally, self built houses or houses in rural areas have thin walls, and there is no external wall insulation, so the heat loss is too fast; in this situation, you should select an air source heat pump with higher heating capacity. However, it is suggested that wall insulation should be optimized first, or the subsequent power consumption will increase.

Installation of Old Pipes

Some of the houses were originally installed with hot water pipes due to their long history. In such case, you need to contact the original installer, or find the corresponding installation drawings, to understand whether the old pipes can be effectively used with the new ASHP. If not, further improvement is needed.

Low Temperature Areas

Air to water heat pumps can absorb the energy in the air to produce heat. Therefore, when the heat pump unit operates in a low temperature environment, the heating efficiency will decline. If the ambient temperature is too low, it is recommended to select DC inverter heat pumps or EVI heat pumps. These two types of air source heat pumps can effectively cope with the low temperature environment and achieve efficient heating.

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