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  • Factors Influencing Energy Costs of Air to Water Heat Pumps

    Air to water heat pump keeps your house cool in summer and warm in winter. But when facing the increased consumption of electricity and running water, you might feel really distressed. Therefore, many people reflect that air source heat pump is energy-consuming, not so energy-saving as advertised. I   Read More>

  • High Exhaust Gas Temperature in Air Source Heat Pump Compressor

    The protection of high exhaust gas temperature is one of the protection measures of air source heat pump. In the operation of a heat pump unit, due to some reasons, the outlet gas temperature of compressor will exceed the normal value, which will not only increase the power consumption of the compre   Read More>

  • Commercial Air Source Heat Pump vs. Household Heat Pump

    By transferring energy from air, the air source heat pump technology is featured with its low operation cost, energy efficiency, environmental protection, great heating effect, guaranteed safety, etc. It has been widely used in houses, hotels, spa centers, villas, schools, resorts and other places.   Read More>

  • Guide to the Selection of Air Source Household Heat Pumps

    Air source household heat pumps are more and more widely used in the water heater and HVAC markets due to their energy efficiency and eco-friendliness. As a kind of new energy product, air to water heat pumps perplex consumers with many questions, such as price, operating cost, heating capacity, COP   Read More>

  • How to Choose a Heat Pump Manufacturer for Long Term Partnership?

    With the wide spread of global environmental protection and energy saving, the air source heat pump industry has become one of the opportunities for investment. Many businesses are also considering working with the leading heat pump brands to share the dividend of the rapid development of this indus   Read More>

  • How to Maintain the Air to Water Heat Pump Floor Heating System After Cold Weather

    summer season coming around the corner. In most areas, the house heating system has already entered a "dormancy" period. In the coldest winter, these heating systems provide households with warmth and comfort. After you stop using it, remember to take care of the air to water heat pump floor heating   Read More>

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