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  • Are Heat Pumps Noisy?
    Are Heat Pumps Noisy?

    Many homeowners will install a heat pump in order to save money. However, a primary concern that may arise is the noise level. Chances are that you don't want a heat pump in your home that is going to be loud inside or outside. Although most heat pumps functioning properly don't make much noise, you   Read More>

  • How Often Should A Heat Pump Be Serviced?

    As a homeowner, keeping your heat pump in good condition means knowing and following the heat pump maintenance guidelines. Many homeowners may wait until they experience problems to service their pumps. However, when asking do you need to service a heat pump, the answer is yes. By taking a preventat   Read More>

  • How Often Should A Heat Pump Cycle Turn On And Off?

    Heat pumps are known for their energy efficiency, but if the units cycle on and off too frequently, there might be some internal problems the increase energy consumption and cause the damage of heat pump components. This is a common problem of heat pumps, known as short cycling. When a heat pump short cycles, your unit cannot maintain the desired temperature in either heating or cooling mode, so it turns on and off constantly.   Read More>

  • Are Air Source Heat Pumps Good For You?

    Air source heat pumps are an energy-efficient, green and sustainable option for heating your home. These unique systems are low-maintenance and ideal for many different types of homes. While it is true that not every home is a good candidate for air source heat pumps, most are. One of the most attractive and alluring features of air source heat pumps is their ability to cut your heating costs dramatically.   Read More>

  • What Size Heat Pump Do I Need For My House

    Heat pumps transfer hot energy from the air, ground and water to heat water and provide house heating and cooling. The way heat pump moves heat is similar to how a refrigerator works in reverse. In a refrigerator, heat is removed from an enclosed box and then it is expelled into the surrounding air.   Read More>

  • How Do Inverter Heat Pumps Work?

    An inverter heat pump is different from a non-inverter heat pump. There are differences between the two. An inverter heat pump can be used in a residential home or in a workplace. An inverter is an electronic tool that changes DC to AC current. DC stands for direct current. Direct current is where t   Read More>

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SPRSUN Monoblock DC Inverter Air Source Heat Pumps
As our best and most efficient heat pumps, SPRSUN monoblock DC inverter air source heat pumps are designed for hot water, house heating and cooling. Working at as low as -20℃, they have a maximum heating capacity from 9.5KW to 32KW, with maximum outlet water temperature 60℃. These top heat pumps have been rated as ERP A+++ Energy Level due to their high COP up to 5.65, which can help save a lot of energy costs in domestic settings. 

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