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  • How to Heat a Pool with a Heat Pump?

    Building a swimming pool is expensive, and heating costs are different either. A brilliant and inexpensive way to approach this is by using a heat pump. Unlike electric heating, a heat pump can save you up to 85 % on heating costs. So how does it work?Installing a pool heat pump is quite simple and   Read More>

  • How Much Is a Swimming Pool Heat Pump?

    A swimming pool heat pump is priced based on COP and BTUs; therefore, the amount of money to pay might begin at $500 to as high as $8,000. However, note that buying a heat pump is not only the cost that you have to incur after purchasing the heating device; there is the installation, operation, and   Read More>

  • How Long Does It Take to Heat Pool Water with a Heat Pump?

    The amount of time it takes to heat a swimming pool with a heat pump depends on a few factors. If it's a smaller swimming pool such as a spa pool, it takes around 45 and 60 minutes. But generally, it heats a pool after about 24 to 72 hours at 20-degrees Fahrenheit. However, it's a critical question   Read More>

  • How Much Power Does a Swimming Pool Heat Pump Use?

    Are you wondering how much it will cost you to operate a pool heat pump? Well, you`re in the right place. Here we`ll cover everything from pool heat pump operation costs, how they work and why you should buy them. Here we go! So, how much electricity does a pool heat pump use? About 5 kilowatts per   Read More>

  • How Does a Pool Heat Pump Work in Winter?

    Nothing compares to swimming in a nice warm pool, especially when it's cold outside. When winter approaches, the temperature decreases, making it harder for you to enjoy a comfortable swimming session. But you don't have to power through the cool temperatures to have a swimming session when you can   Read More>

  • What Size Heat Pump Do I Need for My Pool?

    There are various factors to determine before you purchase a heat pump. Heating the pool water makes swimming fun and exciting for everyone. So, there is no direct answer to what size you might need for your pool. And with the different brands and sizes of heaters in the market, you need to get the   Read More>

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As our best and most efficient heat pumps, SPRSUN monoblock DC inverter air source heat pumps are designed for hot water, house heating and cooling. Working at as low as -20℃, they have a maximum heating capacity from 9.5KW to 32KW, with maximum outlet water temperature 60℃. These top heat pumps have been rated as ERP A+++ Energy Level due to their high COP up to 5.65, which can help save a lot of energy costs in domestic settings. 

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