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Industry news

  • HPA warning over further RHI delays

    The Heat Pump Association (HPA) says the latest delay in bringing in the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) reforms could damage the industry.The HPA expressed its disappointment and frustration after learning the delays will now extend beyond the summer.The overdue reforms have suffered a number of set   Read More>

  • Global Air Source Heat Pump Market to Grow

    LONDON — Technavio analysts forecast the global air source heat pump market to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of almost 11 percent during the forecast period, according to their latest report. The research study covers the present scenario and growth prospects of the global air source   Read More>

  • Five steps to unlock the EU’s cooling potential

    In our modern society, cooling is a necessity that has a strong influence on health, productivity at work, reduction of food loss, industrial processes, and more. Keeping ourselves cool, sustainably, means we could keep the planet cool too, writes Jürgen Fischer.Jürgen Fischer is president of Danfos   Read More>

  • Airflow: The most important part of any heating and cooling system?

    Airflow is the single most critical element in the correct operation of all air heating and cooling systems. Yet most systems do not have the correct airflow.As a result compressors overheat, fans blow hot air and heat exchangers at their heart cannot provide the capa-city and comfort that their man   Read More>

  • Heat Pumps for Today and Tomorrow ---Advanced technologies lead to cutting-edge

    Central air-source heat pumps have become very popular in recent years as end users yearn to move away from fossil fuels and as technology has improved to a point where heat pumps can be used in a broader range of climates.Manufacturers are responding to the growing demand by offering cutting-edge h   Read More>

  •  Heat Pumps For A Drier Home

    Heat Pumps For A Drier HomeKeep Warm and Dry This WinterIt’s a familiar ritual across Christchurch for many families over winter.Wake up, wipe the condensation off the windows, open them up to air the roomout. It’s what you do in winter to freshen the air and prevent mould growth inside your home. I   Read More>

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