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Industry news

  • How to Fix a Noisy Air Source Hot Water Heat Pump

    Noise has always been the concern of users when purchasing an air source hot water heat pump. This article will discuss the causes and solutions of noise produced by air source heat pump (ASHP). Before going deep into this topic, first of all, you have to be aware that some countries have clear reg   Read More>

  • Troubleshooting Guide to the High Pressure Protection of Air Source Heat Pump Water Heater

    When the high-pressure shutdown of the air source heat pump water heater occurs, it needs to be checked in many aspects to find out the root cause and solve it. This article will explain the troubleshooting methods for the high-pressure protection of air to water heat pump. 1. Water scale depos   Read More>

  • Multiple Protections of Air Source Heat Pumps

    Since the advent of air source heat pump (ASHP), it has been famous for its energy-saving and safety. It can be said that there is almost no threat to personal safety. Now this is the question: do you know how ASHP is designed to keep its safety? This article will introduce several protection functi   Read More>

  • Recommended Room Temperature - Air to Water Heat Pump in Winter

    In recent years, air to water heat pump has gradually become the choice of winter heating for many families. However, compared with traditional heating modes, people's knowledge of air source heat pump heating is not enough, and there are still some doubts about its use. This article will tell you t   Read More>

  • Is Your House Suitable for Floor Heating with Air to Water Heat Pump?

    Spring and summer is the golden time of the year to install the air to water heat pump floor heating system. During this period, many users might want to install a set of air floor heating system for their house. However, they do not understand the application scope of floor heating with air source   Read More>

  • Why Isn't Your Air Source Heat Pump Heating Water Efficiently?

    Recently, a customer reported that his own air source heat pump (ASHP) has been used for a long time and found that it is not heating hot water as efficiently as before. What's the matter, indeed? In order to comprehend this issue more thoroughly, we asked our technical engineer for help and summari   Read More>

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