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Lets get serious about decarbonisation

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If we want to decarbonize society,   we must decarbonize the heating sector this was the main theme of today’s pre
-sentation of the European Heat Pump association at ISH 2017.

Decarbonisation of the heating sector in turn needs much larger amounts of high quality heat pump based  systems 
in all sectors  residential,      commercial and industrial and it needs better recognition by the different players in the 
market. This must include policy makers,  decision makers,  planners, architects,  industry and eventually the final in
-vestor.   The end user needs to be able to trust the technology as reliable,   comfortable and environmentally sound 
-in on word,  he should be able to trust it as 2050 ready.

Thomas Nowak,  Secretary General of  EHPA  stated “  We know that technologies for a decarbonized heating  and 
cooling sector exist today.  We need to multiply that know-how to enable the necessary market growth to significantly 
reduce CO2 emissions from the sector.”

2015 sales data are available:   880 179 heat pumps were sold which leads to an installed stock of 8 378 176  units. 
The heat pump stock contributes 95 TWh of renewable energy, reduces  CO2  emissions by  24Mt  and saves   121 
TWh of final and 57TW of primary energy.   The outlook for 2016 is positive – preliminary data shows that the overall 
growth trend is continuing. Final data is expected in may.

To ensure quality of heat pump products brought to market and to simplify quality requirements, EHPA has coordina
-ted the development of the CEN Heat Pump Keymark.         It is a voluntary, independent, European certification 
mark  (ISO type 5 certification)    for all heat pumps combination heat pumps and hot water heaters   (as covered  by   
Eco-de-sign, EU Regulation 813/2013 and 814/2013). “We have now laid the groundwork for a single certificate   va
lid across all  EU-28  member states and fully compatible with the requirements of  the Ecodesign regulation”     says 
Sören Scholz, Head of Certification at DINCERTCO.   “The scheme is further extended by adding air-air heat pumps 
with capacities up to 12kWh in the next review of the scheme rules.” adds Thomas Nowak. 

The CEN HP Keymark is based on independent,  third party testing and demonstrates compliance with pro-
duct   requirements as set in    the Heat Pump KEYMARK   scheme rules and with efficiency requirements as set by      
Ecodesign Lot 1 and Lot 2. It is open to all interested parties,        it is transparent and strong; it is mutually accepted;    
a transition period (until 30.9.2017)  allows for fast market uptake for companies that use other accepted certification  
schemes already.

From a helicopter perspective,  quality products,   innovation and replication of ideas are necessary modules of a de
-carbonisation strategy for Europe.    These will be the drivers of Decarb Heat 2017 in this year’s annual conference 
of the European Heat Pump Association,  taking place in11-12 May 2017 in Brussels    ( .   The 
conference will bring together high level policy makers and heat pump professionals to discuss:

-   The 2050 energy system and the political decisions that will address the issue of decarbonising the heating sector
-    The main challenges for cities when it comes to the renovation of buildings
-    The digitalization of the heating and cooling industry and its business models
-    Reduced energy demand for other industry sectors.

Thought leaders in the field of energy (MEP Claude Turmes from the Group of the Greens, Domtori from DGique Ris 
Energy,   Dolf Gielen from Irena)    will share their thoughts during a solution-oriented conference and two networking 

DecarbHeat is the kick-off event of the DecarbHeat campaign that looks at developing a blueprint for decarbonizing 
the  sector. Thomas Nowak wrote recently:  “The energy transformation implies an overhaul of the entire value chain, 
from research and development to manufacturing to installation and maintenance.      Today’s heating industry is still 
dominated by fossil  fuels  with  market shares of green heating solutions not even close to the level needed for   rea-
ching zero emissions.”

Lets get serious about decarbonisation – at DecarbHeat 2017 – and beyond.

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