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Recommended Room Temperature - Air to Water Heat Pump in Winter

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In recent years, air to water heat pump has gradually become the choice of winter heating for many families. However, compared with traditional heating modes, people's knowledge of air source heat pump heating is not enough, and there are still some doubts about its use. This article will tell you the recommended room temperature set for house heating with air source heat pump (ASHP). 

Air Water Heat Pump in India

Air to water heat pump is different from traditional heat source. There are different ways of house heating with ASHP, such as radiators, floor heating, fan coils, etc., which can be used with ASHP. Due to the dual function requirement of cooling in summer and heating in winter, SPRSUN provides air to water heating and cooling heat pumps that can combine floor heating with fan coils. At present, the heating/cooling units are highly praised by users and the market due to their advantages of great comfort and energy saving. 

We use the heating and cooling unit to explain what room temperature should be set in ASHP. You can use the controller to adjust room temperature and water temperature. 

At the first time when the air heat pump is used for room heating, the indoor temperature adjustment should follow the gradual step by step heating principle. At the initial start-up time, the water temperature can be adjusted to 35 degrees Celsius. After 24 hours, the temperature will be adjusted to 40℃. In 48 hours, rise to 45℃. At the later stage, the temperature can be stabilized at 45℃. The room temperature rises relatively slowly at the first time of heating, so it is best to close the doors and windows and wait patiently. 

Generally, the most suitable environment temperature for human body is 18℃ to 22℃, which varies with individual differences. Therefore, we recommend that when using ASHP for heating (floor heating or fan coils), the indoor temperature in winter should be set at 18-20℃, and the water temperature should be set at 38-40℃; when cooling in summer, the room temperature should be adjusted at 22-28℃, and the water temperature should be set at 14-18℃. If the heating system is using radiators, water temperature can be set higher depending on actual needs. 

When ASHP is used for house heating, users are not recommended to set high room temperature. First, it affects health: the higher the set indoor temperature is, the greater the indoor and outdoor temperature difference will be, which may lead to large fluctuation of blood pressure and "overburden" of coronary artery, resulting in coronary heart disease. 

At the same time, the cardiovascular system has a great impact on the heart and lungs. Staying in a hot and dry room often leads to panic, chest tightness, pulmonary heart disease, and heart dysfunction. Second, energy efficiency is reduced: ASHP is known for its energy saving advantage. If the room temperature is set too high, the unit will consume more power and take a longer time to produce higher water temperature. As a result, energy consumption rises and the energy efficiency ratio falls.

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