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Regulation issues 'likely to delay RHI reform'

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Regulation issues 'likely to delay RHI reform'

Although the 2017 reform of the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) Regulations were placed 
before Parliament on  14 March 2017,according to the Heat Pump Association(HPA),draf-
ting issues with the Non-Domestic Regulations mean the reform is unlikely to be imple-
mented until the end of June. 

While this delay is far from ideal, the HPA believes it could still prove beneficial for those 
hoping to complete projects with high heat demands.

Heat demand limits are being introduced in the reform package, in an attempt to limit the 
possibility of high rates of return for large projects with economies of scale.

HPA president Mike Nankivell said:    "This delay offers some breathing space to complete 
larger domestic installations prior to the introduction of heat demand limits, while still bene
-fiting from the new tariff rates.

"The delay to the potential tariff guarantees for non-domestic ground source heat pump pro
-jects over 100kW is unfortunate but hopefully this will not significantly impact 
on the industry." 

The HPA has ascertained that the actual policy as previously outlined will not change, merely 
the wording of the law. The Association is continuing to highlight the positive impact of the 
RHI and advises the  Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy (BEIS) on its 
benefits to industry.

Ofgem has now published three guidance documents around the spring/summer 2017 RHI 
regulations changes and these can be accessed through the following links:

Webpage – Do I need metering?

Factsheet – Do I need metering?

Factsheet – Important Changes to the Scheme

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