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SPRSUN Air to Water Heat Pumps to Exhibit at ACREX India 2020

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SPRSUN, a professional heat pump manufacturer with over 20 years of experience in the HVAC industry, will attend ACREX India 2020, a leading HVAC exhibition in the South Asian region. We will be involved in the show with our top-selling air source heat pump products for water heating, aiming at meeting the needs of both domestic and commercial hot water projects in India. Welcome to visit our booth: G35! 

SPRSUN Air Source Heat Pump at Acrex India 2020

SPRSUN is striving to create economical hot water, heating and cooling solutions of residential and commercial settings. In the South Asian market, people are greatly concerned with their energy bills in addition to safety and heating efficiency. With COP as high as 400%, SPRSUN air source heat pump water heaters are all of high-quality and get various international certifications. With these heat pump products, users cannot only reduce their energy bills, but also further improve their home environment without accelerating the global warming, thus to maintain harmony between human beings and the earth. Compared with electric water heaters and gas water heaters, people do not need to worry about electric leakage or gas poisoning since air to water heat pumps produce no harmful gases and they do not directly heat water with electricity.

About ACREX India

ACREX is India's largest exhibition focusing on heating, ventilation and air conditioning. It is organized by Nuremberg Exhibition Co., Ltd. as well as ISHRAE Committee, Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air Conditioning Engineers. ACREX has become the largest exchange platform for refrigeration and air conditioning industry in South Asia, attracting more and more international buyers' attention. It is also an excellent B2B platform for foreign manufacturers and factories to explore business opportunities in the Indian market.


ACREX India is held once a year. In 2019, it attracted about 400 exhibitors, and the number of merchants reached 16147. In 2020, the exhibition will open in IEML, GREATER NOIDA, DELHI NCR, with an exhibition area of 25000 square meters.

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