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SPRSUN Launches Heat Pump Factory Live Demo in November 2019

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Nowadays, mobile Internet has entered the era of live broadcasting. In order to reach consumers more effectively and improve the brand image and trust of SPRSUN heat pumps, we launch a Factory Live Demo event to show the production process to our potential partners. Anyone or any business who is interested in our heat pump products can book a live demo with us and get a voucher (up to US $900).

SPRSUN Heat Pump Factory Live Demo

Seeing is believing. Inviting potential customers to "witness" the steps of the heat pump production process is equivalent to encouraging consumers to use their own eyes and judge whether the production process is standardized and whether the product quality is reliable. This helps to eliminate customer concerns about the production process and product quality of SPRSUN heat pumps. Through this live demo activity, we would like to demonstrate that our heat pumps especially air to water heat pumps are really manufactured with brand materials, excellent workmanship and strict QC tests. And that's why SPRSUN heat pumps meet international standards and obtain CE, CB, CCC, SAA & ERP certificates.



Founded in 1999 as a professional heat pump manufacturer, Guangzhou SPRSUN New Energy Technology Development Co., Ltd. has been in the heat pump industry for 20 years. Focusing on hot water, heating and cooling, SPRSUN is built up to meet customers’ special energy saving needs with advanced technology support from Germany while ISO9001 and ISO14001 have been obtained. Its main products include air source heat pumps, DC inverter heat pumps, ground/water source heat pumps, swimming pool heat pumps, high temperature heat pumps, EVI heat pumps and so on.


All SPRSUN heat pumps adopt high quality components such as Copeland scroll compressor, Danfoss electronic expansion valve, Eaton AC contactor, CAREL controller, etc. And they are produced based on EN14511 standard with CE, CB, SAA, ETL and ERP certificates.


There are 6 production lines in the factory so that we can produce over 3000 piece heat pumps per month. Advanced equipment and experienced workers also enable strong production capacity. To ensure the quality of our products, we implement 5 strict QC standards, which cover from system design, incoming material, piping grafts, assembly to finished product. The strong R&D center is able to simulate ambient temperature from -25 to 50 for testing heat pump units of input power ranging from 0.8kw to 80kw, as well as frequency of 50Hz/60Hz.


Over the years, excellent products based on leading technology and professional service have earned SPRSUN its reputation as the world's leading heat pump manufacturing and supplying company. Our products are welcome all over the world, such as Germany, Sweden, Serbia, Turkey, Czech, Russia, Vietnam, Australia, South Africa and so on. Within 18 months since the delivery date, we will provide free new assembly parts if the product encounters any failure under normal usage.

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