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Sprsun Heat Pumps Exhibited at Intersolar Europe 2018

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Intersolar Europe 2018 (Munich, Germany) is by far the largest and most influential solar and air-source heat pump exhibition in the world, gathering all the world's leading enterprises. As a professional air-to-water heat pump brand for many years, Sprsun introduced its EVI ultra-low temperature air source/ground source heating pumps and other heat pump products to visitors of this exibition.

SprSun at InterSolar

In the exhibition with many famous heat pump brands from all over the world, Sprsun heat pumps attracted many visitors with their excellent product quality and unique product design. Sprsun has been in the overseas market for more than ten years. With quick development, its heat pump products have been exported to more than 50 countries, such as Germany, UK, Sweden, Turkey, Czech, South Africa, Japan and South Korea. Its product quality with low cost has deeply impressed numerous international customers. Sprsun is now one of China's leading heat pump brands.

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Sprsun exibited its heat pumps at Intersolar Europe 2018, the purpose of which is to interact with the worldwide industry, serving more end-users and distributers throughout the world with better products and service. Any heat pump distributers and dealers who are interested in our products can contact with us and become one of the SprSun global family. 


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