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Successful business is because of the success of sales

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Only sales is profit, everything is the cost! - Peter Drucker (father of modern management)

Behind any successful business is because of the success of sales, to create high-perfor
-mance business team.In order to enhance the ability of SPRSUN sales, breaking the ability 
of personal sales capacity. July 1, 2017 - July 2, part of the SPRSUN sales to return to the 
company headquarters to participate in "sales skills" training.

Mr. Guo is a gold lecturer, is also the top sales, he brought us a wonderful training, on the 
professional knowledge, skills and psychological management .On July 2,two days of sales 
training to be successful finished in Guangzhou Jufu hotel.

Team 1:   spirit of teamwork

Team 2  : spirit of teamwork

Mr. YangZhicheng, the chairman of SPRSUN is speaking

Mr Guo through a variety of small game guide students to self-thinking, easy to use the 
the "sales skills".

Mr. Guo at the scene without hesitate to share their successful experience to everyone,in 
the whole course,SPRSUN students can actively learn and interact.

This training enables the SPRSUN team to strengthen sales beliefs, make clear sales 
strategies and strengthen the cohesion of sales team, improve the sales system,and bring 
success! Come on!

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