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The training for real execution

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There are two key factors of successful business: 
First, the strategy of the enterprise, the second is the execution of the team. 

In order to further optimized the concept of company management,             strengthen the execution  of the team,
strengthen the sense of responsibility.On April 28th, SPRSUN invited excellent lecturer Mr Ye carried out the special 
training about real execution .

The Training for two ours and included four aspects,the responsibility thinking, Results thinking, thinking as a 
wolf and 
thanksgiving mentality . All are really practical.

In order to explain the high standard requirements on the execution of the results .      The famous Haier hit the 
refrigerator incident as an example , through this case we know product quality is life,Only high-quality products 
and service can get the trust from customers.The company will always be in an invincible position in the market.

When the training went to the end ,about thanksgiving mentality,Our general manager and deputy general manager 
shared the history of company.All staff were touched in deeply.

Through this meaningful training,   We have a new understanding how to optimize the internal management and 
strengthen the system execution .For the steady development of enterprises, we must improve team awareness,
strengthen the responsibility, strengthen the execution of company .

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