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To meet with China North ‘Coal to electricity’ project requirement,Sprsun compan

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The northeast region, has been generating too much power in recent years which has seriouslycontributed to the smog, a statement from the National Energy Administration (NEA) pointed out.

The NEA urged the region to cancel or postpone coal-fired power generation projects with a jointcapacity of over 7.5 million kilowatts. Regions with an energy waste rate higher than 20 percentshould stop new projects.The heat pumps,electricboilers ,11kinds of heating methods were choosed to replace the coal-firedboilers.

This is a good news to heat pumpmanufactures,and all heat pumps manufacturers are ready to share the market,Butonly with good products,you can got the market ,Sprsun did much marketresearch,,knew about users requirements,then designed this EVI split heat pumpfor northeast market,this kind of heat pump can be working at lowest-25degree,take small indoor space,supply hot water for sanitary ware and floorheating,make the house comfortable,we believe,in the near future,you will seethis SPRUN new design heat pumps are widely used in the north market.

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