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What Is a Heat Pump Air Conditioner?

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Heat pump is a device that transfers heat energy from low-temperature heat source to high-temperature heat source. It usually obtains low-grade heat energy from air, water or ground in the nature, operates through electricity, and then provides people with high-grade heat energy which can be used to provide room heating and cooling.


Air conditioner is an electronic appliance with a process of adjusting and controlling the temperature, humidity, cleanliness and speed of ambient air in buildings by manual means. Simply speaking, air conditioning is to achieve heating and cooling by adjusting and controlling the temperature of indoor air.


Combining the two definitions, heat pump air conditioner is a type of equipment which refers to the use of the heat pump technology to achieve house heating and cooling. According to different sources of heat, it can also be divided into air source heat pump for air conditioning, water source heat pump for air conditioning and ground source heat pump for air conditioning. Many heat pump manufacturers, in order to help ordinary consumers understand, use the common concept of air conditioning to define it as “heat pump air conditioner”.

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Although heat pump air conditioner and general air conditioner can achieve cooling and heating functions, heat pump air conditioner is better at heating while general air conditioner focuses on cooling.


Their heat release modes are different. Heat pump air conditioner transfers heat into water and uses hot water as a carrier for heating, while ordinary air conditioner directly releases heat energy into air and changes air temperature.


Heat pump air conditioner is demanding on water temperature and system pressure, which also determines the selection of different parts, mainly referring to two core components - compressor and heat exchanger. Heat pump air conditioning has stricter requirements than ordinary air conditioning, which is also the main reason why the price of heat pump air conditioner is higher than ordinary air conditioner.

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