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Why Isn't Your Air Source Heat Pump Heating Water Efficiently?

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Recently, a customer reported that his own air source heat pump (ASHP) has been used for a long time and found that it is not heating hot water as efficiently as before. What's the matter, indeed? In order to comprehend this issue more thoroughly, we asked our technical engineer for help and summarized several reasons for the lack of heat in the outlet water of ASHP.

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Insufficient Refrigerant

Refrigerant is the key material of air source heat pump to heat water. In order to produce hot energy, ASHP must take the refrigerant as the intermediate medium to absorb the energy in the air. However, if air source heat pump has been used for a long time, refrigerant leakage may occur. Once the amount of refrigerant is reduced, the heating capacity of the equipment will naturally decrease, and then the temperature of hot water will obviously drop. 

Solution: refill refrigerant

Scale Buildup 

Since the components of ASHP are in the hot water environment for a long time, it is easy to build up scale. There are various complex elements in the scale, so the thermal conductivity is low. A large number of scale accumulating in the hot water system will occupy the space that originally belongs to hot water. In this way, the heating effect of air source heat pump is obviously weakened.

Solution: clean the heat pump system regularly.

Poor Installation

Air source heat pump, as the name implies, needs to absorb the energy in the air to produce heat. Therefore, although it does not need to consume coal and natural gas, more attention should be paid to the installation location.

Solution: generally, it is recommended that air source heat pump be installed in a place with good air circulation, such as balcony, garden, etc. These positions do not only have strong air circulation, but also have appropriate air temperature, which is more conducive to the heat absorption and heating of ASHP.

Too Much Dirt on Evaporator Fins

Since it is possible to accumulate dirt in the water system, the same is true for the evaporator fins of ASHP that is in direct contact with the outside world. The heat pump needs to contact the air through the evaporator fins to absorb the heat energy in the air. 

Generally speaking, the larger the contact area between evaporator fins and the air, the better the overall heating effect of the equipment. However, in the long-term operation, the dust, hair and other substances in the air may cover the fins, affecting the heating efficiency of ASHP. 

Solution: how to clean it? Very simple, switch off the water heater, spray corresponding cleaning agent on the fins of the evaporator, wipe them with a rag from top to bottom, and finally rinse it with water.

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