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  • Are geothermal systems practical for commercial applications?

    Yes. A geothermal system can easily be used to heat and cool a store, office, factory, school, barn, or any other business. They can also be used to produce ice for cold storage or skating rinks.
  • Compared with other products, what's the advantage of SPRSUN heat pumps?

    a.  High heating efficiency: the heating efficiency of heat pump is over 300%, while the furnace is lower than 100%.
    b.  Low cost: compared with the fuel or gas furnace, the heat pump can save 70% of the energy.
    c.  Environmental protection: there is no emission resulting from burning. The refrigerant for the heat pump  is environmentally-friendly refrigerant such as R410A, R407C, R417A which will not destroy the ozonosphere.
    d.  Safety: the operation of the heat pump is safe and automatic.
    e.  OEM/ODM service: as owning R&D center and experienced engineers by ourselves, we can especially supply HVAC industry technical services and OEM/ODM item cooperate in the refrigeration line.
  • How is unit conversion for BTU, Watt and Ton, etc...?

    Here are the unit conversion data below for your information:
    1. 1 kcal/h = 1.163W,1 W = 0.8598 kcal/h;
    2. 1 Btu/h = 0.2931W,1 W = 3.412 Btu/h;
    3. 1 USRT = 3.517 kW,1 kW = 0.28434 USRT;
    4. 1 kcal/h = 3.968 Btu/h,1 Btu/h = 0.252 kcal/h;
    5. 1 USRT = 3024 kcal/h,10000 kcal/h = 3.3069 USRT;
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