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DC Inverter Air to Water Heat Pumps
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Guangzhou Sprsun New Energy Technology Development Co., Ltd

Founded in 1999 as a professional heat pump manufacturer, Guangzhou SPRSUN new energy Technology Development Co., Ltd has been in heat pump business for about 20 years. It is built up to meet customers’ special energy saving needs with advanced technology support from Germany while ISO9001, ISO14001 have been obtained.


  • Acrex2020SPRSUN.jpg

    SPRSUN Air to Water Heat Pumps to Exhibit at ACREX India 2020

    SPRSUN, a professional heat pump manufacturer with over 20 years of experience in the HVAC industry, will attend ACREX India 2020, a leading HVAC exhibition in the South Asian region. We will be involved in the show with our top-selling air source heat pump products for water heating, aiming at meet
  • livedemo700x4002.jpg

    SPRSUN Launches Heat Pump Factory Live Demo in November 2019

    Nowadays, mobile Internet has entered the era of live broadcasting. In order to reach consumers more effectively and improve the brand image and trust of SPRSUN heat pumps, we launch a Factory Live Demo event to show the production process to our potential partners. Anyone or any business who is int
  • sprsunheatpumpwifi.jpg

    SPRSUN Upgrades Its Heat Pump Products with WiFi Control Function

    SPRSUN, a professional heat pump manufacturer since 1999, recently upgrades its heat pump products in order to meet the requirements of more and more customers. The WiFi control function and a series of new and improved heat pumps are developed by our engineering team in addition to parameter updati
  • clearance.jpg

    SPRSUN Heat Pump Clearance Sale Now On - As Low As 15% OFF

    Gooooood news! SPRSUN is now launching a clearance sale on a few Brand New air to water heat pumps, swimming pool heat pumps and EVI low temp heat pumps. The discount is as low as 15% off, but the stock is extremely limited. First Come, First Served! Once the stock is cleared, these heat pumps will
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  • airsourceheatpumpheatingcooling.jpg

    6 Reasons for Air Source Heat Pump Air Conditioner Not Heating in Winter

    Heat pump troubleshooting can be tricky. It is common to see your air source heat pump for house heating and cooling not producing enough heat in winter. So here is a list of possible causes and what to do next.Environmental FactorsWhen air source heat pump (ASHP) air conditioner is heating at low a
  • lownoisedcinverterheatpump.jpg

    How to Solve the Noise Problems of Air Source Hot Water Heat Pumps?

    Some customers who use air source hot water heat pumps reflect that there is a "buzzing" noise when their air source water heater is running. In fact, before each heat pump leaves the factory, the manufacturer usually carries out noise tests on the machine by conducting closed treatment on the compr
  • airsourceheatpumpcop.jpg

    What Does the COP of Air Source Heat Pump Water Heater Stand for?

    Water heater is an indispensable household appliance in modern family life. The most common water heaters include electric water heater, gas water heater, solar water heater, and of course, air source heat pump water heater known for its energy conservation. A lot of people say that air source water
  • installpoolheatpump.jpg

    The Right Way to Install Swimming Pool Air Source Heat Pumps

    In the current situation of energy supply trends and increasing environmental protection requirements, people are constantly seeking new energy products that are both energy-saving and environment-friendly. Thus, air source heat pumps (ASHP) are prevailing worldwide. This kind of renewable equipment
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