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40P EVI air to water heat pump--"SPRSUN giant" will be showed on ISH

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ISH China& CIHE exhibition is approaching,Our 40P EVI air to water heat pump will be showed on the exhibition.
We call it "SPRSUN giant". 



"SPRSUN giant" is designed specifically for low temperature area such as North of China with heating,eco-friendly 
and energy-saving program.It used the Copeland EVI compressor,high quality gold Finned Tuber Heat Exchanger 
and jetted enthalpy technology .It's running temperature is -25 ℃ to 45 ℃ with stable performance.
Its function is heating and cooling.


   Our "SPRSUN giant" has four core technology: 
      1. 3D muted: 
          It has 3D three-dimensional noise reduction,sound-absorbing and sound insulation.
       2. Efficient and stable performance: 
           The Copeland EVI compressor has temperature protection,pressure protection and other 20 items 
           protection,monitor the operation every time.It is super efficient and stable.
       3. EVI jetted enthalpy: 
          The unique EVI jetted enthalpy technology increases 20% refrigerant circulation,  So that a compressor 
           achieves the compression in double ,heating is stable, normal starting temperature is -25 ℃ ,the outlet 
           water temperature is up to 55 ℃.
       4. Energy saving : 
           The use of inverse Carnot cycles principle,with our SPRSUN special technology to absorb heat from the 
           air,The energy saving is up to 70%.
      May 18-20,Our "giant" will wait for you in the W3-75 booth on ISH exhibition.
      Welcome to look at our super star!

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