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Company news

  • New Controller for SPRSUN Household Split Heat Pump

    Good news from SRPSUNTechnical Dept, improvements have been made to the controller for the householdsplit heat pump!
    The new controllerhas a very nice and modern look, easier for functioning controls. Moreimportantly is that APP function will be available, and a 2-speed fan motorwill be applied for energy saving purpose and at the same time lower the noise!
    Takea set of the household split heat pump for your house, and you will enjoy theadvantages that brought by this new controller and the technical improvements!
    SPRSUNcares what you care about!
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  • 40 orders for EVI heat pumps in one day !!!

    SPRSUN new shop in North China Hebei province started business in July,2016.
    This is a new stage for SPRSUN North China market.The 100th shop for SPRSUN in China.
    The new shop decoration is very high level with SPRSUN fashion heat pumps.
    Many customers come to check SPRSUN heat pump and highly approved the quality. They specially prefer the EVI heat pump as it is very suitable for north side cold climate. The first day got 40 orders. Well done! SPRSUN is around you at any season!
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  • Congratulations on the seasonal top sales of Sprsun

    On Jul.19th, The TOP SALES for SPRSUN second season has been awarded. Congratulations to Lily and Serena who have got the top sales award due to their excellent performance during the 2nd season. Hard working and professional technical experience helped them support our customers well. Hope all the other sales can follow their examples, and try the best to offer our heat pumps to the customers needed. Cheers! Fighting!   Read More>

  • Tips for safety transferring

    There are lots of cheatings these days. So to avoid any lost, pls make sure be careful when you transfer the payment. Pls do not transfer to any private person and any change of the bank information or contact information shall be confirmed by us. If you have dounbt in the bank details, welcome to call us directly. For our company, we have only one company bank account that receive payment. Pls be noted.   Read More>

  • Congratulations on the success of the promotion in HuiZhou

    Duringthe Household electrical appliances exhibition in HuiZhou on 11thjune, We had a promotion, so many people were attracted by our products and thepromotion, they come to our booth, someof them waited in line to make the purchase at site , at the end of that day,we had sold 50pcs house hold heat pumps ,cheers!   Read More>

  • SPRSUN attending the Chinese Heat Pump Show in Shanghai from Mar. 16th to 18th!

    Attending the 6thChinese Heat Pump Show in Shanghai, SPRSUN has got a very good start on the first day with a Ukraine customer placing a preliminary order on EVI heat pumps!   Read More>

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