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DC Inverter Air to Water Heat Pumps
EVI split dc inverter air source heat pump

About DC Inverter Air Source Heat Pumps

In recent years, the technology of air source heat pump has been greatly upgraded, of which inverter heat pump has gradually become the mainstream choice of people. So, why is air source DC inverter heat pump getting more popular? 


DC inverter air source heat pumps can automatically adjust the speed of compressor according to the change of ambient temperature, thus ensuring more stable indoor temperature. Even if an inverter reaches the set temperature, it will not stop running but maintain operation with low energy consumption. Therefore, in terms of service life and energy consumption, DC inverter heat pump is better than ordinary air to water heat pump.

The lower the ambient temperature is, the higher heating capacity inverter heat pump will offer. At minus 15℃, the heating capacity of inverter heat pump is about 60% higher than that of regular heat pump, and at minus 25℃, the gap increases to 80%. It can be seen that the best choice for low ambient temperature areas is air source inverter heat pump.

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