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SPRSUN Monoblock DC Inverter Air Source Heat Pumps
As our best and most efficient heat pumps, SPRSUN monoblock DC inverter air source heat pumps are designed for hot water, house heating and cooling. Working at as low as -20℃, they have a maximum heating capacity from 9.5KW to 32KW, with maximum outlet water temperature 60℃. These top heat pumps have been rated as ERP A+++ Energy Level due to their high COP up to 5.65, which can help save a lot of energy costs in domestic settings. 

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About Geothermal Water to Water Heat Pumps

Geothermal source heat pump is an efficient, energy-saving and environment-friendly air conditioning system, which utilizes geothermal resources from shallow underground to provide hot water, room heating/cooling. Geothermal source heat pumps include water source heat pumps (open-loop system) and ground source heat pumps (closed loop system). Geothermal water to water heat pumps can transfer energy from low-temperature heat source to high-temperature heat source by inputting a small amount of high-grade energy (electricity).


The temperature of ground energy or shallow surface water resource is relatively stable throughout the year, higher than that of ambient air in winter and lower than that of ambient air in summer, so it is a good heat source of heat pumps. This temperature characteristic makes geothermal source heat pumps 40% more efficient and energy-saving than traditional air conditioning systems. In addition, the constant temperature of geothermal energy makes the heat pump unit run more reliably and stably, and also ensures the efficiency and economy of the system. Compared with electric heating, the pollutant emission of ground source heat pumps is reduced by more than 70%. If combined with other energy saving measures, the energy saving and emission reduction of geothermal heat pumps will be more obvious.


Ground/water source heat pump units can provide heating and cooling, as well as domestic/commercial hot water. One unit of this heat pump can be multi-functional and replace the original boiler plus air conditioner. Geothermal source heat pumps can be used in hotels, shopping malls, office buildings, schools and so on, and they are suitable for the heating and air conditioning of villas.

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