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The Working Principle of Air Source Water Heaters

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Air source water heaters operate according to the principle of "Reverse Carnot Cycle". Specifically, the "outdoor unit" acts as a heat exchanger to absorb heat from the outdoor air, heat the low boiling point medium (refrigerant) and then transpire it. 

The refrigerant vapor is compressed and heated into the water tank through a compressor. The heat is released into the water, condensed and liquefied, which is then throttled and cooled back to the outdoor heat exchanger for the next cycle.

air source heat pump working principle

Simply speaking, it absorbs the heat in the air to heat the water. The air, the heat of which is absorbed, can also be used in the kitchen to solve the problem of stuffiness.

The principle of heat pump operation is contrary to that of air-conditioning and cooling. For the air source heat pump, the heat is transferred from the air to the thermal water tank, which consumes only 1/4 electricity of an electric water heater. Therefore, air source water heaters are definitely more energy-saving. 

Air to Water Heat Pump

Compared with solar water heaters, air source heaters do not need sunlight, so they can be installed indoors or outdoors. By contrast, when the water stored in a solar water heater is used up, it is difficult to generate hot water immediately.

Air water heaters only require air with temperature above zero degrees Celsius to operate for 24 hours a day. They radically avoid the potential safety hazards of electric and gas water heaters, such as electricity leakage, dry burning and harmful gases, and also overcome the shortcomings of solar water heaters such as inconvenient installation and inability to operate on rainy days. Air to water heat pumps have many advantages such as assured safety, high energy saving, long life, no harmful gases and so on. The life of an air heater can usually reach 15 to 20 years.

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