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Using Air Source Heat Pumps for Heating and Hot Water Supply

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As a new generation of heating equipment, air source heat pumps have a wide range of applications in the field of heating and hot water supply. Although they both require heating, there are some differences in the application of air source heat pumps in terms of room heating and hot water supply. Today, let's take a look at the distinctions in detail.

Installation Difficulty

Installation of Hot Water Supply Application Equipment: In hot water supply, the role of a heat pump unit is to continuously heat cold water, which can be raised to a set temperature. Because the water tank of an air source heat pump water heater has its own thermal insulation function, even in winter, during the short 1-2 hours of hot water heating process, the water temperature does not drop obviously. It can be said that the temperature is constant in the process. Thermal load increases in the static process. Therefore, the selection and design of a hot water supply project is simpler.

50P Air Source Heat Pump

Installation of Heating Application Equipment: Heating in winter is a long-term process. Take air source floor heating as an example. In order to ensure the indoor heating effect, air source heat pumps often need to be turned on for several hours every day. In this process, because the outdoor temperature is too low, heat energy will continue to drain from the indoors. Coupled with the differences in building structure and real-time temperature, this is a dynamic process of environmental heat reduction, during which heat pump units continue to supplement heat. There are many variables in this process, so the implementation of house heating is more difficult than hot water supply.

Water Temperature Requirement

Requirements for Water Temperature in Hot Water Supply: Air source hot water heat pumps are widely used in both commercial and domestic fields. But in the commercial field, there are different requirements for the temperature of hot water because of different places, and there is no fixed standard. Yet, in the field of household use, hot water is generally used in bath, laundry, cooking and other aspects, of which bath is the main one. The range of comfortable and non-scalded water temperature for bathing is 37-45℃. Even if someone likes to bathe in hotter water, the general water temperature will not exceed 50℃. Generally, 60℃ water temperature of an air source heat pump can satisfy daily bathing needs.

Requirements for Water temperature in Room Heating: In heating, the water temperature of an air source heat pump will also be diverse according to different heat emitters of its collocation. For radiators, the heat dissipation performance is not good, so hot water temperature needs to be 60℃-80℃; for underfloor heating pipes, hot water temperature can be controlled between 35℃-50℃. The comfortable heating effect can only be guaranteed by strictly setting the water temperature according to the corresponding terminal temperature and combining with the actual situation. If the hot water temperature is too low, then the indoor air temperature is below 18℃, and people will feel cool, which is not conducive to blood circulation. If the hot water temperature is too high and it is too hot indoors, it will affect health. Long-term high-temperature hot water also has a certain reduction effect on the service life of underfloor heating pipes.

Through the introduction of the above two aspects, you might have a better understanding of the differences between heating and hot water supply of an air source heat pump. However, in actual use, considering the economic budget, most households basically use an air source heat pump to provide both hot water and room heating. Since the use level of household heating and hot water is not high, it is a trend to use an equipment to satisfy multiple functions. In the commercial field, the working conditions are complex and the demand for hot water is large. It is often necessary to use special heating or hot water supply equipment according to the demands.

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