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Air Source Heat Pump Water Heaters

All Weather Hot Water Max 60℃, Heating Capacity up to 120KW, Energy Saving Up to 75%
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Why Buy Sprsun Heat Pump Water Heaters?
Cut Your Energy Bills
Absorb free energy from the air for hot water heating and save energy by up to 75%.
All Weather Hot Water
High heating capacity (up to 120KW) ensures stable hot water supply without weather influence. Max water temp 60.
Euro Standard Quality
Sprsun heat pumps are based on EN14511 standard with CE, CB, GS, CCC, ETL, ERP certificates.
18-Month Warranty
Free assembly parts will be provided if any failure occurs under normal usage within warranty period.


Rated working condition: dry-bulb temp: 20℃; wet-bulb temp: 15℃; cool water temp: 15℃; hot water temp: 55℃.
Key Components
 Our air source hot water heat pumps use high quality components such as follows:
Copeland Scroll Compressor
Low Noise, High Efficiency, Strong Liquid Impact Ability
EATON AC Contactor
Worldwide Famous Brand  with Reliable Quality 
SANHUA Four Way Valve
Quick Action of Controling, Excellent Welding Protection
Thermal Expansion Valve
Danfoss/Emerson, Strong Stability, Long Service Life

Economic Analysis

Energy Saving Up to 75%: Compared with solar water heaters, gas water heaters and electric water weaters,
the energy cost saved by Sprsun air source heat pump water heaters is shocking.

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