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  • Things about Using Air Source Heat Pump in Winter

    Low ambient temperature will affect the heating efficiency of air source heat pumps, and in the low temperature environment in winter, the air heat pump unit is prone to freeze up. Therefore, the correct use of air source heat pumps is the key to ensure that users enjoy warm hot water and comfortabl   Read More>

  • 5 Must-Know Tips for Installing an Air Source DC Inverter Heat Pump

    Air source DC inverter heat pumps have high requirements on design and installation, and some minor mistakes might bring problems during later operation. For that reason, we specially consulted the engineers who have a lot of experience in the design and installation of air to water heat pump system   Read More>

  • Different Types of Air Source Heat Pumps

    There are many kinds of air source heat pump. According to different classification standards, there will be different categories. Generally, we have the following classification methods:According to the function of heat pump: single heating air source heat pump, single cooling air source heat pump,   Read More>

  • How to Clean & Flush Floor Heating Pipes?

    Most families in cold areas have installed hydronic floor heating as a way to heat their houses. As we all know, the floor heating pipes will accumulate a lot of dirt because they have not been cleaned for a long time, which is easy to affect the heating effects of floor heating, so how to do the ba   Read More>

  • How Do Air Source Heat Pump Water Heaters Work

    Air source heat pump water heater is a new generation of hot water production device after boiler, gas water heater, electric water heater and solar water heater. Today's energy supply is becoming increasingly competitive. Air heat pump water heater units with their high efficiency, energy saving, e   Read More>

  • Factors Influencing Energy Costs of Air to Water Heat Pumps

    Air to water heat pump keeps your house cool in summer and warm in winter. But when facing the increased consumption of electricity and running water, you might feel really distressed. Therefore, many people reflect that air source heat pump is energy-consuming, not so energy-saving as advertised. I   Read More>

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