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  • Is a Heat Pump an Air Conditioner?

    No. Whereas it works essentially like an air conditioner, a heat pump is a versatile and unique gadget with an extra feature to boasts. Technically, a heat pump plays a special role in reversing cold days, which allows heating instead of cooling the house. However, it's pretty common to mistake a h   Read More>

  • What Is A Heat Pump Water Heater And How Does It Work?

    Most households nowadays have heard of a heat pump water heater by now. But do you know how it actually works? With advancements and innovations in technology, heat pump water heaters are now more efficient than ever. They also have an amazing lifespan of about 10 to 15 years! Let's discuss what a h   Read More>

  • How Much Electricity Does A Heat Pump Use?

    Every person in the world needs to reduce their energy consumption in the home. Doing this will not only lower your energy bills but also reduce your carbon footprint. There are both gas and electric heaters as well as heat pumps (such as air source and geothermal heat pumps) available in the market   Read More>

  • Backup Heat Source for Your Heat Pump

    Do I Need a Backup Heat Source for My heat Pump?Different heat pumps are designed and operate differently. There are those designed to work without depending on a backup heating system, while some will not offer you quality service without one. It all depends on the heat pump you have. Even if the h   Read More>

  • How to Clean a Heat Pump?

    Heat pumps are a modern convenience. By drawing the air from outside, it heats or cools it as it disperses the air into the room. With them, we can keep our rooms warm during cold weather or cool during hot weather. Some multifunction heat pumps even provide hot water as needed. But as it performs   Read More>

  • Are Heat Pumps Noisy?
    Are Heat Pumps Noisy?

    Many homeowners will install a heat pump in order to save money. However, a primary concern that may arise is the noise level. Chances are that you don't want a heat pump in your home that is going to be loud inside or outside. Although most heat pumps functioning properly don't make much noise, you   Read More>

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SPRSUN Monoblock DC Inverter Air Source Heat Pumps
As our best and most efficient heat pumps, SPRSUN monoblock DC inverter air source heat pumps are designed for hot water, house heating and cooling. Working at as low as -20℃, they have a maximum heating capacity from 9.5KW to 32KW, with maximum outlet water temperature 60℃. These top heat pumps have been rated as ERP A+++ Energy Level due to their high COP up to 5.65, which can help save a lot of energy costs in domestic settings. 

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