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You are here: Home » Products » EVI Low Temp Heat Pumps » 5P -25℃ EVI Air Source Heat Pump for Hot Water and Heating in Cold Climate
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5P -25℃ EVI Air Source Heat Pump for Hot Water and Heating in Cold Climate

1. High Cop: 4.32

2. Power Supply: 220/380V

3. Running Temp: -25℃-45℃

4. Hot Water Temp: 55℃

5. Heating Capacity: 18.6/21.2KW

  • CGK/C-18(L)

Features of EVI Air Source Low Temp Heat Pumps

EVI Air Source Low Temp Heat Pumps

EVI air source heat pumps are designed for domestic/commercial hot water and house heating system in cold areas where lowest air temperature is above -25℃.

Efficient and Energy-saving 

Air source heat pumps absorb hot energy from the air freely, and the electricity is only used to drive the compressor to pump up the heat from the air. So, it consumes just a quarter of traditional electric heaters, saving a lot of electric costs for users.  

Green and Environmental Protection

By using air hot energy and electric energy, there is no harmful gas being discharged during the operation of heat pumps. R407C refrigerant guarantees fluoride-free emission. 

● Usable All-weather

All weather operation: stable operation without being influenced by any windy, rainy or snowy weather. 

● Endurable 

The Enhanced Vapor Injection (EVI) technology from Copeland compressor with crankcase heater for special cold area, Danfoss electronic expansion valve, Eaton AC contactor and thermal relay and other brand components of the heat pump guarantee high quality and a long lifespan. All of our screws and clips (both external and internal) are stainless steel. The cabinets we are using are made of GALVANIZED STEEL, making them more rust resistant, durable and affordable. 

● Multiple Controller and Protection

High pressure, low pressure, overheating, overload anti-freezing, phase sequence, discharge temperature, suction temperature and so on.

Controlled by multiple controller or by computer (optional)

● Linkage Function

External signal on/off function

● Guaranteed Safety

Complete isolation of water and electricity avoids electric shock, explosion and poisoning; LCD screen digital controller for automatic operation

● Convenient

The EVI heat pump is easy to install in many places, such as garage, balcony, kitchen, etc. 

Application of EVI Heat Pumps

SPRSUN EVI Air source heat pumps can supply domestic/commercial hot water and/or house heating for cold climate. With 3-way valve, the heat pump controller can change the circulating direction of water between hot water tank and house heating system, and set hot water as priority.

Wide Range of Applications: these EVI low temperature heat pumps could meet the hot water and heating requirements of different places, such as villas, families, schools, factories, hotels, hospitals, spacenters, sauna centers, water parks, etc. 

Application of Low Temperature Heat Pumps

Why can SPRSUN EVI heat pumps work at -25℃? 

Because of the Enhanced Vapor Injection (EVI) technology from Copeland compressor with crankcase heater for special cold areas, SPRSUN designed EVI gas piping system and controlling system make EVI air source heat pumps work stably in the low temperature condition. 

Working Principle of EVI Heat Pump

Brand Components of EVI Heat Pumps

Our EVI heat pump adopt high quality components, such as Copeland enhanced vapour injection (EVI) technology compressor, Danfoss electronic expansion valve and Eaton AC contactor and thermal relay. 

EVI Heat Pump Materials

Installation Diagram of EVI Heat Pumps

It is easy to install SPRSUN EVI heat pumps, shown as the following Installation Diagram: 

EVI heat pump installation

EVI Heat Pump COP

The COP of SPRSUN EVI Air Source Heat Pumps at Different Working Conditions:

Air temp ℃                                                                 Hot water temp ℃

W35 W45 W55
-25 1.71 1.52 1.36
-20 2.04 1.79 1.58
-15 2.43 2.13 1.88
-7 2.89 2.48 2.18
2 3.49 2.88 2.54


3.35 2.95
12 4.52 3.72 3.27
20 5.07 4.28 3.77

Workmanship of EVI Heat Pumps

We care every detail on what you need!

Super Low Noise: Fitted cut clothes for compressor and strong pads to avoid vibration

Anti-corrosion: Aluminum edging                         

Exellent Welding Guarantee No Leakage: Four-way valve welding protection  

Low Noise EVI Heat Pumps

Energy Saving: 30mm thickness for insulation to prevent energy lost

User-friendly Design: Ram design using machine wire

Reliability of the Connection: Adopt automatic stamping machine from Taiwan

Energy Saving EVI Heat Pumps

Economic Analysis of EVI Heat Pumps

Energy Saving Up to 75%: Compared with solar water heaters, gas water heaters and electric water weaters, the energy cost saved by SPRSUN air source heat pump water heaters is shocking.

Item SPRSUN Heat Pump Solar water heater           Gas water heater Electric water heater
Heat source electicity Solar+electricity Natural gas Liquefield gas electricity
Heat Value 860kcal/kw/h 860kcal/kw/h 9000kcal/kg 1080kcal/kg 860kcal/kw/h
Efficiency 450% 1/3time use electric heater 90% 85% 90%
Energy consumption per day 2.07kw/h 3.45kw/h 0.99m³ 0.87m³ 10.34kw/h
Cost $0.11/kw.h 0.11$kw.h $0.42m³ $0.96m³ $0.11/kw.h
Cost per day $0.23 $0.38 $0.38 $0.42 $1.14
Annual cost $84 $139 $153 $350 $416

Model Series of EVI Heat Pumps

Related models are as below:

Related Products of EVI Heat Pumps

Specification of EVI Heat Pumps

▲ Rated working condition: dry-bulb temp: 20℃; wet-bulb temp: 15℃; cool water temp: 15℃; hot water temp: 55 ℃.

CGK/C-12(L) CGK/C-18(L) CGK/D-36(L) CGK/C-12(L) CGK/C-18(L) CGK/D-36(L) CGK/D-72(L)
Power supply V 220V240V/50Hz/1ph 380V415V/50Hz/3ph
Heating capacity KW 10.5 18.6 37.5 11.8 21.2 42.5  77
Input power KW 2.43  4.31  8.70  2.7  4.9  9.9  17.9 
4.32  4.32  4.31  4.32  4.32  4.31  4.31 
Rated current A 12.3  21.7  43.9  5.2  9.3  18.7  33.9 
Fan motor power W 90 90 250 90 90 250 800
Fan motor quantity Piece 1 2 2 1 2 2 2
Water flow L/h 2006  3554  7165  2255  4051  8121  14713 
Water pressure drop Kpa ≤40 50 ≤60 ≤40 50 ≤60 70
Net weight kg 112 164 320 112 164 320 556
Gross weight kg 118 174 333 118 174 333 606
Noise db 52 56 65 52 56 65 75
Classification of waterproof
Electric shock proof grade
Pipe size (internal thread) mm 25 25 32 25 25 32 50
Dimention mm 830*490*1160 1090*480*1260 1450*740*1150 830*490*1160 1090*480*1260 1450*740*1150 1850*1000*1950
Packing dimension mm 910*500*1320 1160*500*1410 1540*820*1320 910*500*1320 1160*500*1410 1540*820*1320 1940*1120*2180
Compressor model/quantity ZW30KSE*1 ZW52KSE*1 ZW52KSE*2 ZW34KSE*1 ZW61KSE*1 ZW61KSE*2 ZW108KSE*2

Technical Support of EVI Heat Pumps

Before Selling
Set up customers file, and arrange professional sale engineers to introduce company products and 

   services to customers in detail.

If customers are interested in our products, we will send professional techniciansto survey the 

   installation environment.

Make the solution according to different customers’ requirements.

 During Selling

Machine installs and test by qualification engineers.
Ensure all the products we provided are qualified and new. The working life of the  main engine is 15 


Construct and install the heat pump according to national relevant policies strictly, and ensure high 

   quality delivery on time.

Test and debug the equipments strictly to ensure the safety and stability.
During the delivery,  provide comprehensive and professional technical trainingon instructions and 

   maintenance to customers.

After Selling

We promise to offer free consulting call in 7×24 hours mode to solve the problems found in practice.

   The number is 86-20-82181867.

Sprsun products guarantee is 18months from ex-factory date.Within18months,if any components of 

    your products damaged because of quality, we supply new replacement for free.

After the expiration of the quality assurance,we will continue to provide lifelong maintenance services,

   with just charging some cost price.


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